Core Curriculum

Our core provides students with the knowledge required by the CBSE Board. However, we go a step further, using simple techniques to ensure a genuine engagement with the subjects taught. Some of these include innovative lesson plans based on well-researched materials, engaging activities and worksheets, regular assessments, when necessary and finally, formal assessments.

Our Core Curriculum comprises of:

  • Book List
  • Teaching Tool Kits 
    • Lesson Plans
    • Annual Plans
    • Worksheets
  • In-class Digital Technology
  • HomeApp
  • Innovative In-class Practices

Supplementary Curriculum

Our supplementary curriculum consists of programmes that provide additional support and increase the student’s learning potential. Its aim is to provide students with additional instruction that will help to reach their learning potential. We incorporate a variety of programmes such as:

  • Structured Physical Education
  • Grammar Express
  • Middle School Mathematics Programme
  • Science Experimentation & Application - Yardstick
  • 15 Books Campaign

Value Added Curriculum

In addition to the core and supplementary curriculum, the school further contribute towards learning outcomes through the value-added curriculum. The curriculum comprises a set of innovative programmes for academic, cultural and co-scholastic progress:

  • Scholastic & Co-scholastic Clubs
  • Learning Improvement Programme
  • Board Preparation

21st Century Skills

Our 21st Century Skills Programme emphasises on the goal of acquiring the skills necessary to help students succeed in the career of their chosen field. It comprises of:

  • English Language Enrichment Programme
  • Innovation Lab
  • Professional Development for School Teachers & Leaders


Pre-Primary School

Our Kindergarten Programme focuses on creating a secure, stimulating, and nurturing learning environment, in which our students can develop through structured play activities, art and craft and games 
Intellectual growth is also encouraged through sharing stories and discussion, writing, number games, observation, and scientific experiences. Throughout the Kindergarten stage, we keep our parents closely involved and assessment is conducted throughout the year.
•Core Curriculum: Language Arts, Numeracy & Environment Science
•Supplementary Curriculum: Story Telling, Experiential Learning & Activity-based learning

Primary School

Transitioning to Primary School, we embrace the students’ innate inquisitive nature to develop their basic skills through first-hand experiences. Students are encouraged to question, explore, apply, and test what they know, whilst treating each other with respect and developing the beginnings of social decorum.
•Core Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science & Second Language
•Supplementary Curriculum: Grammar Express, Structured Sports Programme & Science Experimentation
•Valued-added Curriculum: Yoga, Karate, Art & Craft, Dance/Music, Structured Sports Programme, Math & Science Research and Application & Clubs on Language 
•21st Century Skills: Activity-based teaching/learning, Project, Group Discussion & Community Service

Middle/High School

The Middle/High School Curriculum strikes to produce confident, competent learners through the development of learning communities, the stimulation of student/faculty discussions, and the encouragement of electronic exchanges.
This is a critical stage of education for every pupil. We provide the support needed to help our students stay focused on their goals, advance their knowledge and skills to grow into responsible young adults who are ready to take their place in professional world.
•Core Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science & Second Language
•Supplementary Curriculum: Grammar Express, Structured Sports Programme & Science Experimentation
•Valued-added Curriculum: Math & Science Application (Mystery Science) & English Writing (Written Expression)
•21st Century Skills: Career Guidance, Group Discussion, Projects, Field Trips, Activity-based Learning, Hands on Experiments.


Student Report

  • Detailed analysis of each chapter based on difficulty and cognitive levels
  • Specific areas of strength and improvement highlighted
  • Analysis of relative performance through comparison with class average results
  • Detailed distracter analysis of MCQs
  • Analysis of errors and related misconceptions

Class & School Reports

  • Subject-wise performance reports at class and school levels
  • Comparison of performance across sections in a particular grade
  • Specific areas of strength and improvement highlighted
  • List of students who need support in specific subjects
  • Comparison of performance across terms at the school level

Intensive Assessment

Intensive Assessment is carried out after the school’s examination. It includes both formative & summative, pen & paper and activity based assessment. Pen-and-paper questions may include MCQs, Fill in the blanks, Match the following, and Long & Short answer type questions. All the questions are analysed on difficulty and cognitive levels. MCQs are specially used to provide detailed distracters and misconception analysis. The report generated thereof cater to all levels of learning – student, teacher and school.
The assessment process is customized to suit the needs of individual schools and typically has the following steps:

  • Profile Creation
  • Exam Plan Creation
  • Academic Plan Creation
  • Question Paper Creation
  • Data Capture Report Generation